The Paradox of Fate Alliance

To Join: Please contact BURZYCKI on XB1 or on DISCORD BURZYCKI#5905

Or use this join link:

Ask any questions when you join the server and we will get back to you.

Clan Requirements to Join:

While all sizes of clans will be considered for membership the following criteria will apply in most cases:

  • Clan, its membership and it’s Warlord and Admins / mods need to be active
  • Clan should be full or close to full or rebuilding to full capacity (Simply explain your status when you apply)
  • Warlord needs to be active and playing the game and available for questions and enforcement actions
  • Warlord and members must abide by the Alliance code of conduct listed below – Clan members needs to abide by the rules of the Alliance – Example Rules (if a clan does not have any at time of application) can be found below
  • Clan must have responsible / adult chat moderators as these transition to Alliance chat
  • Warlord and Chat Moderators must be able to join the alliance discord and be available as needed
  • Clan members that can afford it should be willing to wear the alliance emblem and represent the Alliance responsibly
  • All Clans are placed in a 6 week orientation period when they first come on-board

Paradox of Fate – Code of Conduct / Alliance Rules = No Drama!

  • Respect each other. This means no hate speech, racism, NSFW posts, trolling, spam, harassment, or excessive swearing. This also means avoiding unpleasant topics like religion, politics, substance abuse, suicide, self harm or memes. Use good judgment.
  • If an officer from any clan asks you to stop, then stop.
  • Follow your clans code of conduct, Follow the Alliance code of conduct in Alliance Chat and discord. Be a good Tenno.
  • No begging; offer to trade if you’re low on plat, or ask for help to farm something you can sell.
  • Don’t scam or you will be sanctioned by your clan. Don’t sell coupons or anything else against DE ToS.
  • Trading in alliance chat and in the alliance discord is ok, but we require pricing to be listed on all trades and request that you allow for better pricing to your fellow alliance members that you would see in trade chat. We also do not allow spamming of any kind.
  • Do not condone or encourage any illegal activity or any activity against DE’s Terms of Service. This includes impersonating a developer or another player. Or practices that are against the ToS like trading coupons for plat, offering crack codes or any other such activity.
  • Be good to your alliance mates and don’t sell high, you were a new player once also, teach lessons by actually teaching.
  • Keep content to its respective channel, check channel descriptions and pins for any channel specific rules. Incorrectly placed items will be asked to move or delate them.
  • Be polite and respectful to each other. Slurs, disruptive behavior, spam, trolling, purposeful misinformation, harassment, bigotry, bullying, obscene, politically-charged, and NSFW content will not be tolerated. This applies to all content including voice chat, usernames, and avatars. Usernames should be pingable, any zalgo or obstructive characters should be removed, or have a pingable nickname applied.
  • NSFW (not safe for work) is used to mean content containing nudity, intense sexuality, profanity, violence, gore or other potentially disturbing subject matter, which a viewer may not wish to be seen looking at in a public or formal
  • Do not block or ignore any alliance officer for any reason. Discuss any alliance issues with your clan officers so they can bring them –forward to the Alliance staff.

Failure to follow the above rules can result in:

  • Chat kick (five-minute chat ban) (or to clean up chat conversations the mods feel are needed)
  • Chat ban of one hour or twenty-four hours
  • Kicked from your clan
  • Alliance Blacklisting – which means you cannot join any allied clan

You and you alone are responsible for whatever you type. Failure to follow the code will be dealt with accordingly.

Example Clan Rules: (These can be changes to specifically suit your clan as needed)

Rules – This covers in game, Game chat, Alliance chat and our Discord:

  1. No Drama! in clan chat, Alliance Chat or the Discord
  2. Respect each other. Abusive or harassing comments won’t be allowed. Membership in R7 is a privilege not a right!
  3. No Hate speech in chat. No Trolling, No Offensive or Racist usernames, GTs, No Politics –  Zero Racism – This is a ZERO TOLERANCE RULE.
  4. NSFW content (porn/hateful) is not allowed
  5. If a Mod or Warlord asks you to stop something, stop. If you do not stop or disrespect them you will be kicked.
  6. Do not block or ignore Mods or Admins – This will normally result in being kicked from the clan
  7. Do not impersonate a guide, moderator, developer, or another player. Do not argue with moderators, admins in general chat, take your concern to a DM.
  8. Please try to keep Trading, Bot Commands, & LFG in the appropriate text channel on our discord
  9. Do not spam Clan chat with trades, requests etc
  10. Do not spam Alliance chat with trades, requests etc
  11. No recruiting of other Alliance clan’s members
  12. We are all adults and should act like adults, excessive swearing just turns off new players to the game and we are about growing our clans, our alliances and this communities reputation as being great. This includes puns and memes that most do not enjoy.
  13. Immediate ejection from the clan can result from many of the above rules, if broken.
  14. Please do not beg for items. Play the game well and help and you might be rewarded. Begging will get you nothing except kicked from chat
  15. No Contributions to the clan = No Help from the clan and usually a kick from the clan
  16. 14 Day Inactive Kick Policy – Special circumstances will be on a case by case and will be posted in #vacation on the Discord
  17. Have fun but not at the expense of others – Be civil and be helpful – In the end the final decisions on any of the above fall upon the Warlord of the clan.
  18. 14 Day Inactivity Kick Policy – So Stay Active or post in the discord under #vacation and we will see what we can do

Rules for how Trades are going to be allowed in Clan Chat:

  • No Spamming trade requests
  • We no longer enforce pricing and trading is at your own risk! Learn to do your homework on pricing. 
  • We 100% hope that all clan members have the best interests of the clan and their fellow clan members in mind when pricing items
  • We suggest pricing at fair market value or better yet below for any sales internal to the clan and alliance.
  • If you have questionable trades or morals or tray to trade for promises, rank increases etc – Trade Chat is your place a few tabs ———-> over
  • If this all gets out of hand we will just ban trading in Clan Chat

The biggest benefit is community!