To Join: Please contact BURZYCKI on XB1 or on DISCORD BURZYCKI#5905

Or use this join link:
Ask any questions when you join the server and we will get back to you.

Mountain Clans

Paradox of Fate Alliance – Founding Clan



Moon Clan - 1000 Members

RAZOR7 is an [Xbox One] Rank 10 Moon Clan that is professionally run and openly recruiting for MR5+ members. We play because we love the game and helping the community.

Our website is for news and details.

  • Be part of big clan with a small clan feel that is part of a large well respected Alliance. Thus we will still know you!
  • Clan & Alliance emblems are avaialble
  • 100% Dojo Research Completion – Some Dojo Colors Missing but we do not care because they are (well) ugly
  • Weekly and monthly give-a-ways to clan members
  • A friendly environment where you can ask your new player questions and get helpful answers
  • We will even help you kill Stalker, might try to shut Ordis up and will put in a good word with The Lotus for you.
  • Warlord & Mods are responsive and active in the game and with all clan members.
  • Please read the special requirements below

SIZE GOAL: 1000 (But always recruiting)
DOJO: Large and adding items daily. Dry Dock and all Railjack Research
PLAY STYLE: Casual to Serious – Helpful clan to newer players, just ask our players
SPECIAL ITEMS: Ignis Wraith blueprint is in the Lab. All weapons fully researched

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: 14 Day Inactive Policy – MR5+ Players (Msg if you are a newer player than MR5 but plan to move quickly to MR5+ and will be active) Clan and Alliance emblems required. Discord is mandatory

Please see our recruiting thread: Join RAZOR7

Or msg BURZYCKI on XB1