Moon Clan - 1000 Members

RAZOR7 is an [Xbox One] Rank 10 Moon Clan that is professionally run and openly recruiting for MR5+ members. We play because we love the game and helping the community.

Our website is www.razor7.org for news and details.

  • Be part of big clan with a small clan feel that is part of a large well respected Alliance. Thus we will still know you!
  • Clan & Alliance emblems are avaialble
  • 100% Dojo Research Completion – Some Dojo Colors Missing but we do not care because they are (well) ugly
  • Weekly and monthly give-a-ways to clan members
  • A friendly environment where you can ask your new player questions and get helpful answers
  • We will even help you kill Stalker, might try to shut Ordis up and will put in a good word with The Lotus for you.
  • Warlord & Mods are responsive and active in the game and with all clan members.
  • Please read the special requirements below

SIZE GOAL: 1000 (But always recruiting)
DOJO: Large and adding items daily. Dry Dock and all Railjack Research
PLAY STYLE: Casual to Serious – Helpful clan to newer players, just ask our players
SPECIAL ITEMS: Ignis Wraith blueprint is in the Lab. All weapons fully researched

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: 14 Day Inactive Policy – MR5+ Players (Msg if you are a newer player than MR5 but plan to move quickly to MR5+ and will be active) Clan and Alliance emblems required. Discord is mandatory

Please see our recruiting thread: Join RAZOR7

Or msg BURZYCKI on XB1

The Dragonheart Empire

The Dragonheart Empire

Storm Clan - 100 Members

The Draco Imperium is a semi-casual Shadow Clan. We here at TDI are a group of Friendly, Helpful, & Mature people. We also focus on the quality of the clan experience.

  • Open and like minded community to reinforce our benevolent community; this also makes it easier to ask questions and obtain answers and a healthy environment.
  • Fair but also strict chat moderators and leaders to keep things in order and to keep the peace.

DOJO: Convenient and compact. PM Vaktalor if you want to help decorate dojo
PLAY STYLE: Casual to competitive

Current Staff List:

Vaktalor – Founding Warlord of DHE
Warlords: furiousmage VorsPrize Lerki of Asgerd
Moderators: BB vCxmbos Brody974

Guardians 0F the Void

Guardians 0F the Void

Mountain Clan - 300 members

Guardians 0f the Void is a Rank 10 Mountain Clan

We are the Xbox clan of the Warframe partner iFlynn. Clan & Alliance emblems are available. 100% Dojo Research Completion – Certain Dojo Colors are still in progress, but we do have every weapon researched with the exception of Ignis Wraith

SIZE GOAL: 300 (Open for recruiting)
DOJO: Large and open for decoration. Message TheWayOfWisdom if you would like a decorator role
REQUIREMENTS: 21 Day Inactive Policy

Message TheWayOfWisdom if you’d like a clan invite

Threat LVL Midnight

Threat LVL Midnight

Shadow Clan - 30 members

Threat LVL Midnight is a Rank 10 Shadow Clan. We have completed 100% of the research and have an award winning dojo. We love to game together in many games even outside of Warframe. We hold many different clan events and contests for prizes throughout the year. Our philosophy is that everyone has a voice in our clan, your opinions will always be heard when making decisions. As you can probably tell, we’re big fans of The Office so bonus points if you are too.

Clan & Alliance emblem are available

100% Dojo research completed with the exception of Ignis Wraith but we have spare blueprints of this weapon to give to our members.

Region: NA

Size Goal: 30 (open for recruiting)

Dojo: 1st place award winning dojo in Warframe. Always open for members to add more. Well structured and clear layout for easy navigation. Dojo Tour Video Link

Play style: Casual but active

Inactive kick: @30days

Clan founders: Reaper007 and CatalystSiren

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Gallactica

The Lords of Uranus

The Lords of Uranus

Ghost Clan - 10 members

More Information Coming Soon 

Lords of the Sea

Lords of the Sea

Ghost Clan - 10 members

Lords Of The Sea is a Ghost clan.

SIZE GOAL: 10 members will gradually grow as we get more research done
DOJO: Very basic still need more color and decorations but have all rooms made
PLAY STYLE: Frequently on but still have fun
REQUIREMENTS: Be active and donate Be respectful and treat others like u want to be treated No toxicity

Death by Shadows Zedge

Death by Shadows Zedge

Storm Clan - 100 members

Death By Shadows Zedge is a Rank 10 Storm Clan founded 25 May 2017.

We are a clan of mostly Active Duty Military and veterans that enjoy grouping up in party chats and playing Warframe or other games together. A great place for those with thick skin.

SIZE GOAL: 100 -currently at 95 and recruiting
DOJO: currently undergoing renovations to organize various rooms and labs. We have a beautiful dragon and massive samurai that receive praise by many visitors every day.
PLAY STYLE: casual farming to sweaty 5×3 hunters. We have every type of player in our clan.
SPECIAL ITEMS: 100% research complete with the exception of Ignis Wraith, but spare blueprints are available for dedicated members. All Railjack and x100 Restore blueprints researched. Still researching the last 10 Pigment colors.
REQUIREMENTS Any MR is welcome. 30 day inactivity policy.

Let a Warlord or General know before deployments/PCS/TDY that will keep you away for 30 days or more.